Raccoon Poop | Photos & Info About Raccoon Feces

Listed down below are some photos that can help you accurately identify raccoon poop. If any of these pictures resembles the types of feces you are encountering in your attic, chimney, crawl space or yard; then it was most likely made by a raccoon. You might be thinking, how do I clean up raccoon feces. Please DO NOT TOUCH RACCOONS POO. The raccoon feces contain something called raccoon roundworm, which can infect people! It may cause blindness and other harmful symptoms.

Description of Raccoon Poop:

Raccoon Feces ID PhotoRaccoon poop can be relatively large. Almost like dog feces. Usually, averages 3/4 inches in diameter. The sides are textured, and the ends are rounded or broken off. Finding berries in the raccoon poop is common and a definite confirmation of belonging to a raccoon.

Will Raccoon Poop cause any Diseases or Health Risk Concerns?

Yes! Raccoon Roundworm can be found in the raccoon poop. If people and or pets become contacted with infected raccoon feces, they can contract raccoon roundworms through the eggs that pass through contact. Inhalation of the eggs or ingestion are ways of contracting this disease. When humans become infected with raccoon roundworm, it can lead to larval parasites which affect the central nervous system. In addition to roundworm, Giardia lamblia is a protozoan that causes diarrhea. That would also be caused by ingesting food or water that has been contaminated by raccoon feces.

Raccoon Poop Feces In The Attic

Here’s is an image above of raccoon feces which was, photographed in the attic of a home with raccoon issues. By inspecting the raccoon poop alone helped us confirm the animal causing nuisance in the attic. Once determining that we were dealing with raccoons in the attic, we checked to look for other parts of the property where the homeowner might’ve been experiencing this issue. We will then take proper approaches to get rid of the unwanted wildlife.

Photos Of Raccoon Latrine

The photo above is part of a raccoon latrine. A raccoon latrine is an area with lots of raccoon feces and urine.  Most commonly found in the attic and roof valleys. We often take pictures of raccoon poop or any animal droppings to show the homeowners what kind of animal they have. It also helps the homeowners decide if they will need help proceeding with any cleanup and decontamination of the raccoon poop, scat, and urine.

How do I Clean Up the Raccoon Latrine?

All raccoon feces must be removed by hand. That includes any soiled or dirty insulation which should be placed in heavy duty plastic bags. Make sure that you are wearing protective gear like gloves, a HEPA respirator mask, and even a Tyvek suit. Then spray/fogger the area with a special enzyme cleaner solution. Most any good disinfectant should suffice for some of it. To kill raccoon roundworm, you will need a special cleaner. Read more info on my: attic cleanup and restoration page.