How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In The Yard | DIY

How To Get Rid Of Raccoons In your Yard: Start with securing and cleaning up your backyard. Eliminate what’s attracting the raccoons, It could be your garbage cans, pet food, bird feeders, and water source. If you want to stop raccoons from going into your garbage, try using a strong bungee cord to secure your trash can lid. If you want to keep them from eating your pet(s) food, bring their food in at night. If you want to get rid of raccoons digging up your yard/garden, it’s best to have them trapped and removed.

Raccoons are attracted to many things in your yard. If you maintain they key things around your home, your home will not attract raccoons. Do as often as you can and make it your daily routine.  These are things you should do to keep raccoons off your yard.

Fruit Trees – Fruit trees are the common things most people have. These fruits attract all sorts of raccoons and wildlife. We recommend you pick up the fruits that fall from the tree and branches trimmed high. This forces the raccoons have to climb the tree for fresh fruit. To prevent that from happening, you can install a raccoon guard along the tree or design yourself one by using sheet metal wrapped around the tree will not allow them to climb.

Ponds/Pools/jacuzzi – Ponds are beautiful, and jacuzzis are quite relaxing. But they have something in common.They are a constant water source for raccoons. A koi pond will double your worries because the fish will be a free meal. They love fish! The only way to do this is to remove the water or barricade with covers.

Trash Bins – Raccoons are notorious trash divers. They will tear bags and eat whatever they can find. We recommend using a weight on the cover of the lids or a bungee. Make it harder for the raccoons to get in your trash.

Grubs – Grubs are found where there is an abundance of healthy vegetation. Raccoons also love the grubs in the sod. They will pull the grass back like a carpet. If you control the grubs with some treatment, you should not have an issue.

Grills/BBQ PITS – Always maintain the BBQ grill or store away when not in use. The scent of food will attract raccoons. The raccoon is going to look for food in your yard.

Bird Feeders – If you were hanging it off a tree or bird feeder hanger, you could also custom a raccoon guard to prevent them from climbing up. You will most likely still have bird seeds on the ground.

Trees/Logs – Trees can be used to climb to access to your roof and can also be nesting in. Hollow logs are perfect for sleeping and shelter from weather and predators. Trim all branches touching your home. Remove any dead trees and logs.

Chicken Coops/Pigeon Coops – Chicken coops are usually custom made to tailor how much bird you are housing. Recommend upgrading to the better material because these raccoons are tough.

Pet Food/Doggie Doors – If your dog hasn’t ate all its dog food, it going to be raccoon food. You should never leave excess dog food around. Dog doors should be locked at night.