Raccoon Bait – Best Baits for Trapping Raccoons


One frequently asked question that we get all the time is, “what is the best bait to trap a raccoon?” We get the best results with peanut butter and dry kibble. Being in the city, we don’t need such potent bait to lure these raccoons. We have been pretty successful with using dry cat food and peanut butter. Listed down below are the top 3 baits that are commonly used.

Best Baits for Live Raccoon Traps


Best Baits for Raccoons

Peanut butter has a long shelf life. Rain or shine, the creamy texture will not rot or smell. Combined with the dry dog or cat food and you have the perfect duo. Dry kibble can also be found in your home if you have pets. You don’t necessarily need both. Either of these will work fine, and most homes will have one or both of these items around. We like to use the chunky peanut butter since the texture is so thick. The raccoons love it!





Best Pro Baits for Raccoons

Some use professional raccoon baits, lures and oil which uses specific ingredients to target these raccoons from a further distance. Raccoons are optimistic eaters and will eat almost anything. If you want to get further into trapping, this will probably be more potent to use in rural and open areas. A number of companies make these baits and lures with plenty to chose from. Here’s one I would recommend that have a wide variety of raccoon baits, lures and oils. Flemingtraps.com





Best Homemade Baits for Raccoons

Another alternative is making your own raccoon bait. Making your own bait sounds easy, but it can be a messy task. Some ingredients include using animal glands, mice, fish oils and preservatives. Not appealing at all and definitely not something someone does for a DIY. You can find such videos and guides on the web if you would like to do some extensive research. To be honest you should be fine with basic raccoon bait. Two habits that make them easy to the catch: Raccoons are curious; Raccoons are always hungry.

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