5 Types of Raccoon Traps | Cage Trap, Body Trap, Foot Trap, Dog Proof Trap, & Snare

There are many types of raccoon traps to chose from. Traps come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Some raccoon traps are meant to kill and some are meant to keep them alive. I recommend (and alway) that you trap and removal the raccoons in a live trap, it’s less bloody, gruesome and humane. Before moving forward, I recommend doing your research on which raccoon traps are allowed or prohibited in your area. Some states have different raccoon trapping regulations. Please check your regional fish and wildlife for regulations. If you are capturing raccoons or trapping raccoons, remember two habits that make them vulnerable to catch in a trap: Raccoons are curious; Raccoons are always hungry. Happy Trapping!

Nationwide Raccoon Control


Humane Cage Traps

Raccoon Live Trap CageHumane cage traps are often used to trap medium to large size raccoons and other wildlife. Humane traps are designed to capture the raccoon alive without harming them. Which allows you to relocate the raccoon(s) to another location. I recommend using baits like peanut butter and kibbles. Mix a nice combination of both and bam; you got yourself some raccoon bait!. Humane cage trapping is mostly used in urban cities where there is much foot traffic and humane population. Mainly operated by raccoon removal companies like the one I own. Its a humane and efficient way of nuisance raccoon control. If you want to learn more about how to catch raccoons in a live trap. Check Out This Page.


Body Traps

Raccoon Bodygrip TrapsBody traps is a body gripping trap. Although many trappers don’t use this style trap, the body grip trap is commonly used to trap beavers. This trap does not require bait; lures will work just fine. The animal doesn’t have to go into the trap but only pass through it. Placing the trap in the path or trail of an animal would work.  This trap can kill quickly and is illegal to use in some states. Has different sizes to choose from. Since it can potentially kill an un-targeted animal or pet, I do not recommend using this trap.




Foothold Traps

 Raccoon Foothold TrapsFoothold traps are designed to grip the foot when the raccoon steps on the trigger plate. This trap can be used on land and water. Comes in different sizes and styles. Can trap un-target animals.




Enclosed Foothold Traps.

Dog Proof Raccoon Duke TrapsDog proof duke traps are designed to target specific animals, like the raccoon. This eliminates almost all un-target animals or pets. The trap requires the raccoon to reach into the enclosed opening to be trapped. Duke designed this type of trap to avoid catching dogs and coyotes. If you decide to use a bone gripping trap, us this one, it’s safe and targets the raccoons.





Raccoon Snare CableThese cable traps are used to loop the animals by the body, neck, or leg. These can be powered by a mechanical device or unpowered. Unpowered snares can lock and when pull it only gets tighter.

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